Criminal Enterprise

The Families Mission Ideas

The Families

Possible ideas for low tier missions for The Families:
1) Mission Goal: – help the families grow their weed territory and scare some of the competition from selling to certain dispensaries

Mission details: go to 1 or 2 dispensaries (maybe the one by the beach) and create some trouble, maybe using only melee weapons to make it interesting and scare people. Fight random people until dispensary workers come outside then beat them up, then lose the cops.

2) Mission Goal: – Help Lamar with his new weed delivery enterprise, get 1 – 3 orders for people delivered before the recipients get pissed off and cancel

Mission details: deliver weed as fast as possible for lamar’s clients, while trying to avoid getting to close to cop cars (because of the dank weed in the car) , and getting rid of random 1 star wanted levels if/when they pop up during delivery.

3) Mission Goal: Help the families start drama with two different rival gangs in order to take pressure off of the families

Mission Details: frame lost for attacking ballers by wearing one of those gangs outfits and planting drugs on other gang/ killing other gang members while wearing opposite gang colors.



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